Helene Blieberg Associates LLC offers practical, hands-on interim executive leadership and management, communication and grantmaking services to corporations, foundations and nonprofit organizations. With a specialty in arts and culture, HBA’s approach combines a thorough, efficient assessment with direct, results-oriented work. Clients gain skills and a culture-changing approach to their own problem solving and organization building.

HBA Philosophy: Management Through Communication
Helene Blieberg Associates believes that communication is the key to success; each project is viewed through that lens.  Attention to detail and subtle changes have a great impact on larger outcomes; this is a hallmark of HBA’s approach.  By carefully listening to and observing client organizations, and distilling key information from an often-cluttered landscape, significant issues are revealed and addressed in a practical, useable manner.

HBA Practice:  First-hand Experience
Each HBA client receives personalized attention that comes directly from first-hand knowledge.  Drawing on experience as a corporate and nonprofit manager, board member, funder, educator and speaker, Helene Blieberg and a roster of specialists assembled as needed to meet client needs, move nimbly within all organizational environments.  HBA takes a thoughtful, calm and task-oriented approach to the challenges you face.  We won’t leave you with a shelf full of reports and studies or talk to you in esoteric jargon.  We’ll become part of your team and you’ll benefit from our “informed outsider’s” perspective.

About Helene Blieberg
Helene Blieberg, Principal
Helene Blieberg is a thought leader in the nonprofit management and communication fields and has been providing management, communication and grantmaking services to corporations, foundations and nonprofit organizations across a range of program areas since 2001.

Helene spent 18 years with CBS, having held management positions in philanthropy, communications, media relations, sales development and promotion.  She served as Vice President and Executive Director of the CBS Foundation and as Vice President of Communications for the company’s national radio division.   She has also been a marketing and sales executive in the hospitality industry and was an account executive at a New York public relations firm. 

A comprehensive, practical speaker and presenter, Helene leads public programs and workshops in arts management, leadership, communications and grantmaking. For more than 20 years she has devoted time and expertise to the boards of service organizations across the nonprofit field because of the unique value she believes they offer their constituents. She currently serves on the Leadership Council of the Support Center.  She is a member of the Municipal Art Society and of the Coro New York Leadership Center’s and the University at Buffalo’s Alumni Associations.

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