Helene Blieberg Associates LLC provides a broad range of services to clients. Each category represents a variety of customized assignment areas.

Interim Executive Leadership
Interim executive service provides seasoned leadership during times of uncertainty, transition or abrupt change; allows boards and staffs to determine their direction and priorities without pressure; enables all constituents to function to their fullest while operations are maintained, and affords organizations the ability to review and strengthen their practices with the guidance of an experienced, on-site “inside/outside” manager. Helene Blieberg has been retained as interim executive director for organizations from start-ups to mature organizations, and has supervised the hiring process for permanent leadership numerous times.

Management Strategy and Guidance
Providing support and guidance to executive directors as they build their organizations, form collaborations with others, and manage their day-to-day activities requires experience and observation.  Helene Blieberg Associates facilitates meetings, creates business plans, helps executives think through issues and practices, offers executive coaching for both senior and mid-level managers, provides road maps and follow through, and asks the tough questions on the full range of organizational matters.

Project Management and Grantmaking
Whether creating a new grant program, revising existing work or planning a public conference, turning to a seasoned, unflappable, thoughtful manager helps insure your project’s success.  Helene Blieberg Associates offers full-service project management from conceptualizing and developing the project to creating a blueprint for execution and managing all details. Grantmakers can expect the full range of philanthropic services from an experienced funder, including the opportunity of providing technical assistance to their grantees.

Organizational Assessment and Strategic Planning
Knowing where you are and how you got there is important when planning your future and determining how--and if--you can get where you want to go.  Using a combination of assessment tools, first-hand observation and analysis, Helene Blieberg Associates will help you put your present in order and guide you through a process that will mark your path going forward.  Challenges to proposed directions will be raised and collectively examined, resulting in a practical, usable guide. 

Board Development and Governance
Strong and effective boards are measured by established and maintained solid foundations, respect for the roles of staff and board, and the quality of the decision-making process, as much as through board composition and give/get levels.  Helene Blieberg Associates will facilitate a variety of meetings and workshops, review current practices, provide guidance at all stages of board development and maintain contact with board and staff leadership throughout.

Communications Strategy and Counsel
Both internal and external communications activities are examined when Helene Blieberg Associates is involved.  Comprehensive assessments are followed by writing assistance, tips and guidelines for sound communications practices, facilitation of tutorials, streamlining of tasks, and instruction in big-picture thinking and planning that allows for a laundry list of priorities to fall into place. Understanding how the media works, where you should be deploying your limited resources and how to present yourself are often high priorities.  Helene Blieberg Associates will prepare you for interviews and presentations, your media relations materials will be tailored for your audiences, and your target audiences will be the appropriate ones for you.

Senior Advisory Services
Organizations benefit from having an experienced professional they can call on for the tough questions, issues and challenges, when retaining a consultant for a project is more than what’s needed. HBA’s Senior Advisory Services provides external expertise on an as-needed basis.  It ensures that an expert with broad and deep knowledge and ability meets your particular requirements--from a single question to a short-term assist.  Areas may include high-level management, governance, and organizational guidance, with cost-effective retainers to eliminate clock-watching pressure.